Clifford James

A Sacred Musician living in Meadows of Dan, Virginia, and performing in and around Floyd county, Virginia…

…currently working on a solo dance-oriented (EDM, or Electronic Dance Music), spiritual self-reflective electronic music program called Vision Quest EDM. The first local performances will commence soon… Although this live project will initially be Cliff on guitars, keyboard, and vocals, as well as a computer or two, the ultimate intention for Vision Quest EDM is for it to be performed with live musicians. The music will be put out there to be heard in the hopes of attracting like-minded musicians.

Clifford James is also working on Universal Kirtan music which he hopes to continue to bring to local audiences, and beyond. Kirtan is, originally, traditional Hindu devotional call & response chanting in the Sanskrit language. Universal Kirtan is an effort to bring many other ethnic traditions to the practice, including (but not limited to) Buddhist, Native American, Jewish, and Muslim. What Clifford James truly desires to bring to the practice is the realization that ALL IS ONE, and that the differences that divide us are ultimately irrelevant; to that end he also composes music in the English language that reflects where we are, and ultimately where we want to be … as one, together, honoring our differences, recognizing what we all share.

Another project Clifford James has been involved with for almost twenty years is the Dances of Universal Peace. If you’ve never been to the dances, please do consider finding out more about these events, finding one in your area, and ultimately attending; this way you can grok what the dances are about and find out if dancing and singing for universal peace is for you.